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Online HIPAA Privacy Training Program

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

HIPAA confidentiality training focuses on the implications of HIPAA legislation and compliance requirements for each affected organization or unit. It usually includes the rules and regulations of the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Act and technical implementation requirements to ensure that you comply with HIPAA data protection regulations.

This training consists of the Health Information Technology for Business (HITECH) update which was part of the American Recovery and Investment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The HIPAA online course is delivered in different ways and you will have to complete different certification tests based on your role and requirements training to conform to HIPAA.

With this type of training, you can take three types of certification exams:

A. HIPAA Certified Privacy Association (CHPA) an entry-level certificate designed to help understand the basics of HIPAA privacy policies and specifications.

B. The HIPAA Certified Privacy Expert (CHPE) is the recommended certificate for those who want additional training on privacy policies as they are responsible for processing health information on a professional level. It's also an ideal move for anyone looking to edit exclusive health information from basic to expert level.

C.The HIPAA Certified Security Expert Course (CHSPE) is a HIPAA confidentiality training program and aims to practice HIPAA security and confidentiality guidelines to provide the person with the knowledge necessary to comply with HIPAA at the required expert or professional level. This level of training also includes the details and specifications required to meet HIPAA confidentiality and security requirements.