Poison Ivy: The Best Batman Comic Villain

It was very sad that Pamela Isley, or Poison Ivy, became as she did because of an experiment. While she took biology classes, his professor seduced him and injected him with poisons and toxins. This causes poison ivy to turn into plants like-menace to the community. One of Batman’s villains, Poison Ivy started as a rich girl with parents who didn’t care.

After this, her girlfriend suddenly died, and she came out of school. She gradually changed from Pamela Isley to poison Ivy. Moving from Seattle to Gotham City, she threatened the city with poisonous spores unless they fulfill her demands. You can buy the popular and best batman comics at https://www.stripweb.be/S-stripverhaal-keizer-penguin-bestellen-15636.asp.

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Batman, who just entered the city in the same year, was the only one who could stop her. She is one of Batman’s criminals who use her potions to make other superheroes fall in love with her. Batman stopped her from hurting the city, and Ivy poison was locked in mental institutions known as Arkham. Over the years, her strength developed like plants until she became superhuman.

One of the weapons was her lips which were toxic, so she was the only Batman criminal who could really give the ‘death kiss.’ She was introduced in Batman comics for female super-criminals when people began to identify Cat woman, and even sympathize with her. Poison Ivy gives readers and viewers of other women’s nemesis to be hated.

Dress in the leaves, with flaming flowers decorated with red hair, she is one of the biggest villains that Batman has ever had in Gotham city. So, read about poison Ivy in the batman comics online.

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