How Does The Car Exhaust System Work?

When you start your car, the air-fuel mixture is ignited and the engine starts. This process is called combustion, and it creates heat and exhaust gas. The exhaust gas goes out the tailpipe and into the atmosphere.

The purpose of the car exhaust system is to remove this harmful gas from the air. The car exhaust system consists of a number of pieces, including the muffler, catalytic converter, and emission control system. You can buy different parts of the exhaust system via at an affordable price.

The car exhaust system is a series of pipes and valves that send air out of the vehicle. The air pressure in the engine compartment rises as the engine works, and this pressure is directed through the exhaust system to the outside.

The exhaust pipe starts out as a small diameter pipe that goes into the engine. The exhaust pipe is attached to a muffler, which is a large, metal device that muffles the noise from the engine. The muffler also helps to reduce heat from the engine.

As the exhaust pipe exits the engine, it becomes much larger. This is because the pressure inside the engine compartment is much higher than outside. The large size of the exhaust pipe allows it to disperse heat more effectively.

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