Different Types of Hotel Services

Hotel Services means the provision of boarding and related services, including the provision of food, beverages, laundry, and communication services, to persons occupying such premises as: 

World Class Service: Also referred to as luxury/five start hotels, their main market caters to high-level business executives, entertainment celebrities, high-ranking politicians, and wealthy clients. They offer a fine dining restaurant and lounge, maid service, concierge service and private dining options. You can book motel in Santa Monica via surestaysantamonica.com/.

Mid-Range Service: Hotels offering mid-range or 3- to 4-star service appeal to the largest segment of the travel audience. This type of hotel does not offer complex services and has appropriate staff. They also offer uniform service, room service for food and drinks, in-room entertainment, as well as WiFi and more.

Budget / Limited Service: These hotels offer clean, comfortable, safe and affordable rooms and cater to guests' basic needs. Budget hotels are very popular among budget travelers who want a room with minimal services and amenities for a comfortable stay without having to pay extra for expensive services.

You have no identifying ownership or management relationship with any other hotel. An example is a family-run hotel that does not follow company policies or procedures. 

Hotels that are part of a hotel chain and this type of property typically establish certain minimum standards, rules, policies and procedures to limit affiliate activities. In general, the more centralized the organization, the greater the control over individual property.

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