Crowdfunding – The Social Way To Raise Funds

Anyone who’s been on social media over a period of time is familiar with UGC (user created content) and crowdsourcing. numerous businesses get information about their brands by this method, and it provides customers feedback on their products and services, as well as responses to queries about new products. You’re getting direct responses from your customers and it’s a win-win scenario.

A lot of people respond to solicitations for information because of an affinity for a brand especially when it’s a brand they’ve used for a long period of time. People respond with an actual desire to make their voice heard. You can take a look atĀĀ to know about crowdfunding platforms.

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This incentive known as a rewards system the most well-known motive for participation, and even though this concept of ‘something for something isn’t new, there is a new avenue where incentives and a sense of philanthropy, are beginning to establish themselves on the social web and that’s called crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding also referred to as equity crowdfunding or hyper funding began in 1997 when the fans of a band raised funds to help them pay for their tour. The process was done without the band’s permission and has helped fans finance many more band projects throughout the years.

Naturally, social media plays an important part in this type of fundraising, so having a reputable online presence, a solid social media network, and professional websites will assist the person who is responsible for the project in creating the required social buzz to increase the visibility of their initiative and aid in achieving a positive success in their fundraising.

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