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Tooth Extraction – Why Is It Necessary In Burke?

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Your dentist is always trying to save your teeth; However, there may be circumstances in which the tooth needs to be extracted. In the early days of human history, many diseases were caused by dental infections. Since antibiotics were not available at the time, tooth extraction was performed to treat the disease. If you want tooth extraction services then you can take help from experts via

Reason for tooth extraction

Usually, when a tooth is broken or damaged due to tooth decay, the dentist tries to repair the tooth by several means, such as fillings, crown fixation, etc., and in such circumstances, there is no choice but to extract the tooth. This is a common cause of tooth extraction.

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In addition, many diseases and medications require tooth extraction because it weakens the immune system and causes tooth infections. These are – cures for cancer, tooth decay, gum disease, extra teeth, broken teeth, organ transplants, orthodontic treatment, radiation therapy, and wisdom teeth.

There are two types of tooth extraction – simple and surgical.

Simple extraction – performed on the tooth that is visible from the outside and can be easily performed by a general dentist. The dentist administers a local anesthetic before extracting the tooth.

Surgical extraction – performed on teeth that are not easily accessible; This can happen when a tooth breaks below the gum line or when a tooth erupts partially. In this case, the surgeon must cut and pull the gum to allow access to remove bone or part of the tooth.