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How To Curb The Thumb Sucking Habit

Friday, June 11th, 2021

By the time when your kid enters preschool age, it might be alluring to pop their thumb out of their mouth every time they start sucking, especially if you think it could affect the growth and development of their teeth and jaw. You can also know more about how to quit thumb sucking through various websites.

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If your kid has started preschool and is still sucking his thumb, then here's how you can manage it accurately:

1) Try to limit your child's thumb sucking time in the bedroom or home, rather than in public. Demonstrate to him that this is a bed exercise during nap time and at night.

2) DO NOT turn it into a dispute. "Don't tell your kid, 'You can't suck your thumb anymore". Try to identify and appreciate him when he's not sucking his thumb rather than criticizing him when he's sucking his thumb."

3) DO NOT talk to your kid about finger sucking or thumb sucking. Help your child understand that you will be there to help when they are ready to quit. At some point, he will come to you and tell you that he doesn't want to suck his thumb anymore.

4) DO NOT prevent your child from sucking his or her thumb or finger after an injury or pain. "He has to be in his comfort zone and if you don't let him go there you're only going to hurt him more.