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Solve Dog Separation Anxiety With Crate Training

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Is your pet suffering from separation anxiety? Many pets suffer from dog separation anxiety. They are not easy to handle. Don't feel sorry that the dog was abandoned. It is important to live in the moment. Dogs know this. 

Decide that you will do whatever is necessary for your dog's safety and that of your family. With a few simple steps, you can overcome separation anxiety with training in dogs. It is important to be calm and consistent.


Once you have made your decision, buy a large enough dog crate that the dog can stand in and turn around easily. Cover the top and three sides of your dog's crate to make it more secure. These guidelines will help you crate train your dog. 

You can train an older dog. These guidelines can be used to train your dog in a dog crate. Grab the scruff of your dog's neck, and lead him into the dog cage. The same way his mother would do it. It is not mean. 

A small amount of food can be placed at the back of your dog crate. You could also add a few toys. This will increase familiarity and reduce boredom. Dogs will feel more secure if they learn to eat at a specific place.

You can put your dog in the crate while you are home. This will allow him to be used to the house and not trigger you to go out. If you plan to stay at home, you'll want to mimic the sounds that you make when you go out so that your dog gets used to them.