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Podiatrist – Visit One Today If You Have Foot Problems

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Various pain or irritation in your foot can be a sign of a number of ailments. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the issue on your own and if the issue persists, it may be a good idea to reach out to a podiatrist for help. The family podiatrist in Baltimore, MD provides diabetic foot care services and they are also experts in dealing with a variety of foot problems and can help figure out what’s causing your pain.

You may be simply wearing shoes that are too small or need to wear extra padding or support devices. Explore various reasons to see this doctor.

Ingrown toenails

Cutting your toenails too low or failing to cut them straight across can result in you getting ingrown toenails. This can be really irritating for you since the nails grow down into the nail bed. 


When your big toe turns toward your second toe, this can cause the bone to stick out on the side. This is known as a bunion and can cause terrible pain. If you ignore this pain, the issue may get worse over time and you may need surgery. By visiting a podiatrist in Baltimore early, you may be able to avoid having to get surgery. 


People with this issue can experience lots of pain, particularly on the top of the toe when wearing shoes. Some people also notice swelling as well as develop corns on the top of their toes. This can be really irritating as well as embarrassing. A good podiatrist in Baltimore can address this issue and provide you with a good solution.