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How To Use Sanitary Napkins Properly

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

It's amazing to imagine that a woman will have about 10,000 sanitary pads in her life. If you don't believe it, sit back and count! Therefore, it makes sense to pay serious attention to the use of sanitary napkins for best results.

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Pad selection

Always choose a sanitary napkin that suits your specific needs; Bearings vary in length and absorption rate depending on the flow. 

We can use the superabsorbent in the first few days, which is longer at night. You can also look for partypantspads online on your period days.


Remove the dressing from the separate sleeve. Most sanitary napkins are packaged separately and their shells need to be removed, but don't throw them away… use them to comfortably wrap your old pads before throwing them in the trash.

Remove the adhesive and open the wings (if using wings). The wings usually help add extra comfort with superglue so they fit perfectly into the bikini.

Glue the sticky part of the pad so that it is right under the intimate area. Also, make sure the bandage wraps around the underwear tightly and aligns it a little further back to prevent leakage.

Disposal of used sanitary napkins

It is very important to maintain a high standard of hygiene during menstruation. Wash your hands thoroughly with each shift.

It is very important NOT to rinse the sanitary towels. You're clogging the sewer pipe, instead of properly wrapping the used bearing and quietly dumping it in the trash. 

When removing the pads from your underwear, pull them out from the top and hold them in place before wrapping them up for disposal.