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Different types of spa treatments and styles

Monday, May 18th, 2020

This is the time for modernization and the different spa styles are available to people. Now, the spa is not only limited to massage or any type of therapy but also offers a variety of treatments such as:

Health spa

Medical spas along with traditional therapies offer dissuasive options for medical care and cosmetic treatments. Complementary medicine, alternative medication, Botox, laser treatments, hair removal, and dermatological treatments e part of a medical spa.

Also, they offer rehabilitation treatments related to alcohol, smoking, etc. Week-long programs are often run to assist with varied requirements, including quitting smoking. If you are looking for the best facial services you can hire professional Facial treatment In Wellington.

Eco spa

Organic spas are environmentally friendly spas; They focus on using natural remedies and substances for treatment options and therapies. Not only in the treatments, but its recreation is sold around nature and offers activities such as horseback riding, mountain climbing, trekking, and nature trails. 

Spa day

Any hair or beauty salon, health center, or health and fitness clinic that provides one or more hydrotherapy treatments falls under the day spa category. Day spa treatments can be from one hour to full time.

They generally offer therapeutic massage treatments, body wraps, hand and foot treatments, facials and hair treatments, health services, and cosmetic maintenance. Day spas are suitable for taking a quick rejuvenation session after a busy week.