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What is a Duct Board?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

A duct board is a frequent kind of heating and air-conditioning insulating material crafted from fiberglass and also a thin coating of transparency. Each board on average is one to two inches (2.54 to 5.08 cm) thick, and lots of boards might be constructed together to help airflow and also maintain equilibrium. One of its benefits comprise its light weight structure and endurance. To get more information you can search duct boards panels and duct board insulation through online resources.

Each strand board is primarily made out of two layers to guarantee efficient protection and flow against the surface elements. The majority of each and every board is composed of many thousands of strings of fiber glass pressed into a flat sheet designed to confront the warmth side of ventilations. The back part of each and every board is constructed from a thin foil coating that's air tight.

duct board

The fiber glass at a duct board functions chiefly as an insulation barrier to the air passage through the retina. Whether or not the temperature beyond the duct is colder or warmer, its internal air-stream will maintain its temperature consistently than metal ductwork. Many duct boards possess their fiberglass treated additionally to help stop the spread of mold and uterus through its own hardware.

Many believe vent installment with duct board to be more simpler than conventional approaches for many factors. The obvious explanation is its own light weight structure. Where metal bits of conventional duct-work may possibly be awkward and bulky to take, duct boards come into a carton and will be easily taken by one, able bodied worker. 

Speedy installation is just another attribute of duct planks. A succession of planks can be constructed with hardly any hardware outside a measuring tape, cutting edge knife, duct tape and basic gun. A duct board is a versatile portion of a hvac. Its lightweight and uncomplicated assembly makes it a favorite selection for HVAC workers. Its capacity to restrain noise benefits individuals who work and live on ducts.