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Solar Pool Covers – A Money Saving Addition This Summer

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

As the weather changes into summer, thoughts turn to relax by the pool after a long day. Solar pool covers are a great way to lower the cost of heating your pool, and they can also serve as a way to provide a source of heating the water on their own. What is more relaxing than knowing that you are saving money?

A solar pool cover can provide a way of lowering the energy costs of running a heating pump by a great margin. It is the same principle of heating or cooling your house–you would not do either with all of the doors and windows open.

The solar cover reels for inground pools enhances the sun's rays to warm the water and also minimizes heat lost if you have a primary heating system for your pool. 

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Solar pool covers are also very affordable additions to your general pool maintenance routine. They not only retain or provide heat, but they also help prevent water evaporation and aid in keeping the pool clear of leaves and other debris. So, not only will you be saving heating costs but water savings as well.

Not only do they save you money for water and save in energy, but they also save you time.  A solar pool cover is a win for you in so many areas of your pool use and maintenance.

Whether used alone or in conjunction with a gas or solar heat pump, a solar pool cover can greatly reduce your energy costs and also increase your relaxation time this summer. They are simple to take on and off and with the added value of extending your pool time during the shoulder seasons.

Heating your pool so you can enjoy it in the early spring and then again as the weather drops in the fall, extending your season on both ends of the calendar. Think of relaxing in a warm pool on a cool day and soaking off a long workday or hearing the kids playing and splashing in the afternoon.