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Is It Safe To Buy Cotton T-Shirts?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

Cotton is, definitely, among the most well known high-quality fabric used for making varieties of clothing items. The majority of people prefer buying cotton plain t-shirts because the cotton fabric does not cause irritation and allows the skin to breathe.

If you want to purchase cotton t-shirts in Australia, check out online stores.  Whether it's completely cotton or mixed with polyester, it usually comes at a cheaper price. But do you understand how cotton T-shirts are manufactured? And, most importantly, do you know that the way they are made can be harmful to the environment?


Pesticides are heavily used on cotton fields to protect them from pests. Companies wish to protect their cotton production from insects. For that purpose, they utilize pesticides. When this works for cotton, as pests are eliminated, however, pesticides are harmful to the environment, with devastating consequences. Not only habitats are destroyed, but humans are also affected.

For example, it was discovered that quail, birds that usually nest around cotton fields since they prefer vegetation, would be the first to be changed. 60 percent of the quail living near cotton fields needed pesticides discovered in them.

According to one study, because of methyl parathion, a spray used as a pesticide on cotton fields, quail can become ill and even die. Founded in 1978, the analysis also observed that quails frequently leave their nests or don't seem outside after their young. Their natural habitat has been damaged in an era when animals are passing every day.

Not only this, creature habitats are affected. Obviously, people can also fall sick. There have been instances of farmers who either fell ill or died of intensive usage of pesticides. Such a case was in 1999 in Benin, a country west of Africa. 24 individuals working on cotton areas expired due to a common insecticide called endosulfan.