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Signs Of Breast cancer

Friday, October 8th, 2021

Breast cancer is regarded as one of the deadly cancers found among women. In every corner of the globe women of all ages are worried about the grave health issue. Every year millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors like Dr. Sandra Krishnan are trying hard to find out the ways on how to diagnose and treat the fatal disease. 

The moment a doctor finds a lump on the breast of a woman during a routine check-up he/she is ready to advise for a few diagnostic tests. These tests are ultrasound tests, biopsies, hormone tests genetic tests, and staging tests. A biopsy is a method of taking a tissue sample from the breast that is affected. 

The sample is sent to the laboratory for detailed analysis. If it is found that there are malignant cells in the lump the doctor advises hormone tests. Actually, by doing so the doctor wants to determine whether estrogen or progesterone is associated with malignant growth. 

There are four stages of breast cancer. Stage 1 indicates that the cancer is within a small area. Cancer becomes dangerous with the advent of the stages. If stage 0 is noticed it is absolutely appreciated. The patients at this stage can be easily cured.