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Planning A Bowling Party

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Bowling parties can be great fun and a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. A party with bowling will be lively and full of laughter, even if you don't plan much. With a little planning, your party can go from being 'ordinary' into something spectacular!

Start with the invitations. A bowling-themed invitation is a must. This sets the tone and encourages your guests to dress up appropriately. Also, you can book a bowling alley for a fun-fulling bowling party via

Although you can find theme invitations in most party stores and stores like Target, the internet offers a wider selection. You can simply type "Bowling invitations” in the search bar to find a wide range of options.

Let's move on to decorations and refreshments:

 A quick phone call to the bowling alley can let you know how much leeway there is for both.

Many alleys will allow you to hang banners or streamers to inform everyone that a birthday is coming up. You can even offer to give the decorations to them to be used for other parties if they are not in good condition and of high quality.

Ask them about their policy. Ask them if they allow you to bring your dessert (a wedding cake or birthday cake) if they have a strict policy about food and drinks. Ask if they will offer discounts to your group if you have to order all the food.

They will most likely have pictures of beer and pop at a lower price than individual portions. To complete your meal, check their menu. You will need to ensure that the tables are ready for you to serve your refreshments.