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Why Studying an ASVAB Practice Exam or Book May Not Be Enough?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

As you prepare for your upcoming military career with the United States Armed Forces, there are several points you need to consider as you apply and prepare. This includes, but is not limited to, getting in shape, filling out a stack of documents, and training for your ASVAB exam. 

The Armed Forces Professional Skills Battery, or ASVAB, is the military version of the entrance exam. This test will cover many of the different subjects you studied in high school. Maybe you forgot something about the material or you never studied it. No matter how good you were in high school, you still need to take the time to study and prepare with the help of specialized online ASVAB course.

The main method of preparation offered to the students is practice exams. Get a baseline to see what you stand for, then create a training plan that focuses on your weak points.

However, practice exams alone are not enough. I have found that some students only take practice tests after practice tests and remember answers to certain questions. This is not only not the perfect way to study, but also gives you false hopes when you take the practice memorization exam.

When studying, you need to focus on studying the information in the questions. Asking right or wrong questions is not the problem. This is the concept of the question. If you get the question wrong, ask yourself "WHY" did you miss the question? This will help you identify your weaknesses and create a targeted training plan and exam strategy.