Usage of Electric Hoist

Hoists are industrial equipment used for lifting or lowering heavy objects with support of drum or surrounding wheels. Hoists play a very important role in a variety of heavy industries with most of them using electric chains or wire rope to lift objects. 

Previously, hoists would be operated by hand with the help of blocks and tackles, or even with the help of the pulley systems. These days, electric hoists are very popular. 

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(Also known as “ รอกไฟฟ้าคลิกที่นี่” in the Thai Language).

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These hoists are generally used to lift and lower objects vertically. But they can also be installed on crossbeam which allows them to move towards horizontally so as to expand their services widely. 

Electric hoists can also be controlled with the help of remote switches, thus increasing the safety and capacity of this device. Especially the two types of electrical hoists namely electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists are available on the market. 

The first uses a chain to lift the load while the last one uses a wire rope to lift the load. Both types of hoists are preferred to lift the weight, but in some circumstances the wire rope hoist is preferred.

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