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Things You Should Know Before Buying Real Hair Extensions In Toronto

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

Natural or existing hair should generally be in good health. Real hair extensions, when used properly, depend on attaching them to existing healthy hair. That means your natural hair should be healthy and ideally not subjected to too many chemical treatments. 

Excessive curling, bleaching, or coloring can weaken the shaft and damage the cuticle, the outer layer. This in turn causes the hair to break easily. In such a case real hair extensions play a very important role to enhance the beauty of your hair. You can buy the best quality hair extensions via

Since lengthening puts stress on the hair and the follicles from which it grows, you should seek the advice of a counselor to assess the health of your hair. Fixed extensions may be a more suitable alternative to the related variant, as they cannot be used all the time and their position may vary.

Human hair extensions must only contain 100% human hair – check the guarantee. With the high demand for natural human hair, which is in limited supply, some manufacturers offer a “mix” of synthetic and 100% processed human hair – but they still package the product as 100% human hair. 

Avoid coloring your hair after applying for extensions, while one of the advantages of temporarily placing or pasting extensions is that they can be colored as needed, it is advisable to decide on your color before purchasing your extensions.