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White Fillings Can Make Your Smile More Beautiful

Saturday, February 27th, 2021

White fillings are quickly replacing the old, ugly silver amalgam fillings or scrap metal teeth. Most people prefer teeth whitening so that when we talk or laugh, it is exposing a mouth full of white fillings. There are many dentists that provide bonding and white filling services, for more information you can search bonding and white filling. over the internet.

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Although white fillings or composites have been around since the 1960s, only in recent years have they become strong and durable enough to be placed on back teeth, where most chewing is a hard fact. 

Metal fillings are also called can lead to broken teeth over time because they expand.

They also contain small amounts of mercury, which is highly toxic. In fact, many dentists are now using amalgam due to mercury compounds.

White fillings are usually made of plastic particles and glasses have mercury and are therefore bound to restore the tooth, having had much of its original strength.

Here are the five things to note:

  1. It takes longer to amalgam and is, therefore, more expensive.

  2. It will last longer, but not as metal fillings.

  3. They require more care, including flossing and brushing attention.

  4. They are prone to stains of tea and coffee. Hard liquor – and mouthwash containing alcohol – may weaken the restoration.

  5. If you have a tooth with a large number of cavities, your dentist may advise you to have a crown to strengthen, rather than a composite that is not strong enough.