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Use Of Tretinoin To Treat Severe Skin Blemishes And Wrinkles

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Skincare products and remedies are designed to deal with critical skin issues like uneven skin color, severe wrinkles, dark blemishes, and acne scarring. 

A few of the skin ailments can be traced to excessive sunlight exposure, age, genetics, or diet and sometimes the cause remains unknown.  For more information about tretinoin for wrinkles you can visit

tretinoin for wrinkles

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Obagi Systems for Skin Rejuvenation

Obagi products have gained a reputation as an effective treatment for extreme cases and consequently are becoming a favorite alternative for individuals with serious skin discoloration.

Additionally, Obagi products are perceived to work so well that individuals without major skin problems seek them out for tighter, younger-looking skin.

About Tretinoin

Tretinoin is an acidic form of vitamin A which changes the skin cells. Especially, it inhibits the invention of cell types that produce pigment and also it increases the speed of the skin cell production.

Redness and flaking of the skin are common effects when using tretinoin and indicate the product is working by producing fresh skin tissues and shedding the previous ones.

Normally these symptoms subside after a week to ten days of working with the product. The usage of tretinoin raises skin sensitivity to sunlight. Sunscreen should be used on an area where tretinoin is being implemented and exposure to direct sunlight ought to be avoided.