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Online Transcription Service – Analog Vs Digital Recording

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

It is obvious that digital is the preferred method of communication for most people. You may have analog media that needs to be transcribed. We will discuss the vast differences between digital and analog transcribing. You can also search for online transcription services by navigating to this website.


The analog market is obsolete. If you are looking to have an analog recording transcribed, the cost may be higher than for the average person. While rates might be comparable if you use a local company for transcription, they may charge you more if you do business online.

Digital media is usually cheaper because it's a file. The equipment required to transcribe digital information is usually cheaper than that used to transcribe analog media such as cassettes or videos. 

This is because digital files don't require any additional hardware except a USB foot pedal. Therefore, the online transcription service doesn't have to pass on this.


If you choose to record analog, it will take longer. This is due to the reasons discussed in the previous section: First, you will need to send it and then wait for the analog recording back. Digital formatting is much easier than digital formatting. 

You can transfer the file online and get it back in 24 to 48 hours. If the online transcription service offers emergency pricing, you can have it back even sooner.

Audio Quality:

Over time, cassettes and magnetic tapes can become less durable. You may notice a significant decrease in quality if you have fingerprints, food, smoke, and other airborne pollutants on your cassette tape or videotape. You should also ensure that the cassette tape is not stored near water or in sunlight. This can cause quality problems.