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How To Curb The Thumb Sucking Habit

Friday, June 11th, 2021

By the time when your kid enters preschool age, it might be alluring to pop their thumb out of their mouth every time they start sucking, especially if you think it could affect the growth and development of their teeth and jaw. You can also know more about how to quit thumb sucking through various websites.

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If your kid has started preschool and is still sucking his thumb, then here's how you can manage it accurately:

1) Try to limit your child's thumb sucking time in the bedroom or home, rather than in public. Demonstrate to him that this is a bed exercise during nap time and at night.

2) DO NOT turn it into a dispute. "Don't tell your kid, 'You can't suck your thumb anymore". Try to identify and appreciate him when he's not sucking his thumb rather than criticizing him when he's sucking his thumb."

3) DO NOT talk to your kid about finger sucking or thumb sucking. Help your child understand that you will be there to help when they are ready to quit. At some point, he will come to you and tell you that he doesn't want to suck his thumb anymore.

4) DO NOT prevent your child from sucking his or her thumb or finger after an injury or pain. "He has to be in his comfort zone and if you don't let him go there you're only going to hurt him more.

Thumb Sucking – Treatment at Your Own Home

Friday, January 22nd, 2021

One of the most common habits associated with children under two are thumbs up, which is generally related to the need to find food. This habit can accumulate as a hobby for a bored or, more general child, as a coping tool to calm nervous moments. But sometimes children are involved to suck their thumb even when they relax, listen to stories or during bedtime. You can find thumb sucking glove via

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Remember, the thumb may not always be clean and this means some health complications for children and sucking strong thumbs can be the cause of many dental problems. Younger children have a gentle and flexible jaw and this habit can cause a reshape from the jawbone. The habit can also affect the sympathy and the position of the damaged tooth besides causing infections around the nail which results in the spread of diseases that can be transferred.

Let's read about several easy ways to stop thumb so this might not develop into a bad habit for a certain period of time.

1. Try to stop the habit of sucking the thumb when the permanent teeth of children come, which is usually around 4-6 years old.

2. As a parent, you are required to take the necessary actions in the form of medical guidance that eligible to prevent children from developing the habit of sucking thumb.

3. Talk to your child, tell him the reasons and ways to work together to stop that habit, don't force them to stop or this will strengthen the habit. To motivate a child, parents can appreciate progress, praise the effort, and offer quality attention when children don't suck my thumb.

4. Never frustrated or express anger in your child when he sucks the thumb like that such an attitude tends to make habits worse.


Why You Need to Stop Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Habit

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

Thumb sucking is a normal habit that comes from a baby's natural instincts to suck. At some point the baby can find their thumb and start sucking as a new discovery found. It starts as a normal thing, but can lead to problems, because children are increasing age. You can stop thumb Sucking – stop FINGER Sucking by The Hand Stopper thumb guard.

Here are 7 main reasons you have to stop your child's thumb suck now:

1. Dental problems – Sucking thumbs known to cause dental problems such as teeth misalignment and front teeth that stand out if they are not known as buck teeth or jaw development problems.

2. Barriers to greeting – Sucking thumbs can cause lispings and other talk disorders.

3. Tongue encouragement – Almost uncontrolled conditions caused by sucking thumbs is handing. This is when uncontrollable tongues continue to push out of the mouth while talking.

4. Infection – Hands often the dirtiest part of the child's body. By placing their thumb in their mouths, they introduce germs to their mouths that can not only cause disease but conditions such as cankers – mouth yeast infections in the mouth.

5. Skin irritation – Children who suck their thumbs have serious problems with excessive wet around the mouth that can cause irritation and rash. They can also suffer from skin that are too dry and cracked on the lips.

6. Emotional Problems – The longer a child sucks their thumb, the more likely they use this action as an emotional placement or crutch. They deal with their emotions by sucking their thumbs and don't deal with what really disturbs them.

7. Teasing – If a child continues to suck their thumb during the age where they go to school, they can be the target of ridicule and teasing from other children to suck their thumb.