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Reasons You Should Be Talking About Bamboo Straws

Monday, April 20th, 2020

There is nothing more grateful than sustainable bamboo straws. Acquiring a plastic-free lifestyle is something most of us should be directing ourselves and one reusable bamboo straw is a big step.

Bamboo Straws Are Cool And The Plastic Era Is over

The single-use plastic ban is crossing its way around the world. From 2021, plastic straws will probably be no longer and going plastic-free will be in the forefront of everybody's mind. 

Nowadays restaurants and businesses are taking action and using alternatives to plastic straws. That may be bamboo straw  or maybe metal or paper straw.

bamboo straws

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Bamboo Straws Are Ethical And Safe?

Do you think that bamboo straws can be recycled and are bamboo straws great for our environment? We are thrilled to inform people that bamboo straws are entirely free of substances , pesticides and other nasties. This leaves them super safe to drink from. They are fantastic for children too.

Travel Friendly Bamboo straw

If you are an avid runner, an option to plastic straws ought to be on the peak of your packing checklist. It is lightweight enough to slip into your day bag and simple to stay clean on the move with all the straw cleaner supplied. 

Whether you are sipping a coconut on the beach in the tropics or indulging into a sundowner on a city break, bamboo leaves for an extremely trendy cocktail drinking straw or companion for your own reusable water bottle.