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Heavy Duty Bags, Plastic Envelopes, and Security Bags

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Custom industrial poly bags are produced in a wide range of designs and sizes which may be used for a large number of functions like heavy-duty bags, vinyl envelopes, safety bags and much more.

By employing exactly the very same colors and logos on your custom industrial poly bags, you also can set a new uniformity that will help clients and customers associate different products and services that you supply to that of your organization.

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Heavy Duty Bags, Plastic Envelopes, and Security Bags

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Custom heavy-duty bags are customizable and are made from the top excellent poly film which includes great sealability, higher strength and a non-slip surface for a simple delivery, stacking and saving pallets.

Yard and garden heavy-duty bags comprise multi-layer extrusion capabilities that allow form and fill software that runs smoother and faster.

Custom made a yard and backyard heavy-duty bags features include high impact strength, puncture resistance, very low creep or extend to keep the shape and conserve stackability; UV protection movie that lasts around six weeks and fade-resistant ink used in the customization procedure.

Heavy-duty bags created with the embossed texture would be the ideal alternative for products that have to be securely and securely stacked on pallets for warehouse storage, protected transit, and regular unloading & loading.

Custom brandable polyvinyl envelopes include transportation, mailing, promotional envelopes which are environmentally friendly and comprise 35% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic.

Poly safety bags comprise tamper-evident closed systems and self-sealing permanent adhesives to be certain that what you want to stay protected, remains protected.

Poly safety bags comprise a writable surface therefore significant information could be listed directly on to the surface. Tear-off receipts and consecutive amounts also help in the liability of important materials.