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What is Salesforce- A Brief Guide

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Salesforce is a global CRM platform that allows companies to sell their services and market their products like never before. It's a customer success platform that allows you to connect customers in a whole new way.

Salesforce offers the infrastructure for your company. Now you might think that Salesforce will come to your DOS with its own team and set up the infrastructure on your system. You can also get salesforce customization training online.

If that's what you think, then I'm sorry, you are completely wrong. And now you're probably thinking, if your own Salesforce team doesn't build something for you, how do you do it?

Do not worry! Salesforce has an integrated cloud infrastructure. When a company needs the infrastructure for you, it has to pay the Salesforce team for the services you need for your business.

As noted above, Salesforce provides the infrastructure for your company. Is this the only reason for success? The answer is no. Salesforce offers more than just infrastructure. It has so many cloud products and each product has many features to suit your business needs. This means Salesforce provides ready-to-use IT solutions for your previous company.

Technology used by Salesforce

Top: Salesforce has its own programming language. To use Salesforce, you must learn the Apex programming language.

Visualforce: This is Salesforce's front-end programming language. Visualforce is required to learn to work with the Salesforce platform.

Compiler: Salesforce has its own compiler to run Apex programming language or Visualforce pages.