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Resume Template – Do Resume Templates Really Work?

Monday, September 6th, 2021

There are thousands of resume templates on the web at the touch of a button. Many resume pages have hundreds of different layouts to choose from, but unfortunately, the information about the templates is very simple.

The fact that there are so many templates can certainly speed up your resume creation process. We encourage you to prepare your best information before finalizing a resume template so that you can add it to the template of your choice. You can also look for the best resume template by visiting


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Writing a resume template can help, but there are a few tips to keep in mind before you choose a template and fill it out:

Make sure you know which resume format you will be using. The three main formats are chronological, functional and a combined curriculum format (our choice!). 

Choose a template that gives you some useful tips on where to put certain information. You don't want to just copy your resume information to someone else because your potential employer has access to this template as much as you do.

A resume template can save you time, but you need to make sure that the information you include in the template is the most effective in making a strong first impression on your potential employer. 

Be sure to look for a template that is specific to the job you want to do. If you can't find the right match, find a template designed for a job that is very similar to the job you're interested in.