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Learn Online – Arabic Quran

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

The Quraan was revealed in Arabic. It was and remains in its original form, and many religious communities has taken care to preserve the Quran.

The beauty and essence of the Quran (Al-Karim) are contributed only by the taste of the Arabic language. Soft lyrical language with excellent calligraphy, the Arabic form of the Quran will no doubt captivate the heart.

This is the reason why many people are especially interested in reading the Quran in Arabic, even though there are many translation tools available for modern readers. Reading and studying the Arabic Quran in its original writing has its melody and symphony which cannot be easily achieved in other languages. To get expertise in quran, you can get expert/master online Quran class.

When the Quran was recited in Arabic, all the pronunciations, intonations, and caesura introduced by the beloved Prophet Muhammad can be accepted and used effectively like no other.

This aspect is unique to the Arabic script and cannot be achieved if other forms of translation are recited.  Always remember that when you join master Quran classes online, learning the Quran originally or traditionally will be easy and satisfying.

Yes, reading the Quran with an experienced teacher can be stimulating, informative, and very instructive. Studying Quranic Arabic under your guidance can be invaluable and help you find the right path that Allah has commanded us.