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How Can You Design A Business Card In 6 Steps

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

Despite their small format, business cards are little marketing and networking powerhouses. But to pass the glance test, it’s essential to come up with a business card design that’s appealing, simple, and professional – all at once.

To design a business card that makes heads turn, you should:

Conduct thorough research. Study other professional business cards in your area of business to get an idea of what you like. Don’t be a copycat, but let them inspire you: you want your business card to stand out from the crowds.

Choose your card size and shape. Either pick a standard size and shape or get creative – as long as the card remains practical. Don’t design a triangular business card, that’d be really a pain in the… wallet.

Use your brand’s design elements. Use the same design elements in your business card that you use across other branded content. You’ll look both polished and professional.

Get creative. Follow printing standards and make sure that the layout, colors, typography, and decorative elements of your card work well together.

Don’t cheap out on card materials. Invest in high-quality card stock, so that your cards last longer. Of course, if your business is more of a numbers game, you should opt for a cheaper card.

Add that special something. For example, print finishing techniques can make your card design more visually appealing. Would you like to add some bling? Or perhaps a 3D effect? Check what your local print shop can offer you.