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Digital T-Shirt Printing On Colourful Shirts

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Digital T-Shirt printing is the process of printing any graphic, photo, text, or other design onto a T-shirt using an inkjet printer or a color laser printer. Although there are many ways to do this, we will be focusing on T-Shirt transfer printing.

The T-Shirt transfer papers are used to start this process. This specially coated paper is used to print on the T-Shirt and then press it onto the shirt. This paper comes in two varieties: one that can be used on white or light fabrics, and another for darker colors. You can visit the website via for more designs.

You can also buy T-Shirt transfer papers at Wal-Mart and Staples, and then apply them to the T-Shirt by yourself. Good T-Shirt printers use high-quality transfer paper and heat press the transfers onto the T-Shirts. The combination of this and the T-Shirt printer's expertise makes a durable, beautiful T-Shirt.

Digital custom T-Shirt printing with transfers has many advantages.

This method works well if you only need a few T-shirts or one. You can print exactly what you need. Screen printing, like many T-Shirt printing processes, requires a minimum of shirts.

Another advantage is the possibility of full-color printing. You can print your design with an inkjet or color laser printer and have unlimited colors. You can easily use photos and graphics with gradient fills (blending one color or another shade).

It is the third. It doesn't require any setup. Digital T-Shirt transfers are not like screen printing. Simply make the image as large as you wish on the T-Shirt. Then, you "mirror" (or "flip") your print job so it prints correctly on the T-Shirt. Print and press.