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Follow these Tips on Ink for your Printer

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

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When it comes to a printer, ink is one of the expensive parts. Moreover, when the ink cartridge gets over, investing in a new one is more expensive. However, there are others who invest more in ink cartridges yet forget about the office expenses leading to loses. If you wish to keep your printer running for longer duration then consider following these ink saving tips for your printer.

  1. Bulk Buying –Instead of buying a single cartridge, consider investing in more than one. Investing in more than one cartridge not only is a great way to save but also to use the other cartridge if one runs out of ink completely. This is a great option to save on the cartridge.
  2. Setting Optimization – The default settings of your printer may not be ideal for your use. For instance; your default settings may tell your printer to print out high pixelated images even if you don’t require one. Make sure to change the settings before using your printer next time.
  3. Investing in One Color Cartridges – Many cartridges come in tri-color for printing documents where the cartridge may use just a single while the other remain unfinished. Therefore, avoid buying such cartridges and instead invest in one color cartridge.
  4. Grayscale Printing –Another default related tip is to change the default setting of the printer. Along with color printing, your printer may print out things that are black and white. To save your ink cartridge, change the settings to grayscale helping you to save the ink more.

In Brisbane, printers come in many types. Make sure you invest in the best one.

Professional Label Printing Services in Wynnum

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

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Whether you want to promote a brand, an event or a campaign, stickers, and labels comes very handy to help you meet your marketing needs. A sticker for a campaign per se may not seem very relevant and useful at the first glance. However, when you see a couple of hundred people wearing the same sticker on their shirts and t-shirts, it immediately creates a sense of synergy and connectedness among those people. Such is the brand power of stickers! Be it a charity event or a political rally, they help to evoke a common feeling among the masses which ultimately benefits your marketing initiatives.

The other evident use of stickers and labels is in the FMCG industry. Recall how a bottle of shampoo or a jar of cookies comes with a fancy label on them these days. Such labels help immensely with instant brand recall and building a brand reputation in the psyche of consumers. Thus, labels can drive your marketing campaigns in a big way. Similarly, labels are used in the cargo industry and the chemical industries to label all sorts of commodities. It goes without saying that labels and stickers are used in cars and vehicles for a variety of purposes (parking labels, alumni stickers, stickers promoting brands, etc.). Labels are therefore used in many different ways in varieties of industries.

In case you have stickers and labels printing needs, there are always experienced printers in Wynnum to meet your printing requirements all year-round.