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Things To Consider When Shopping For Pizza Stones

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Choosing the right stone for pizza is not easy. There are several factors you need to consider to make sure you get what you are looking for. For example, pizza stones are made from a variety of materials such as ceramics, stone, hard clay, marble, tile, and brick. 

Each of these parts has advantages and disadvantages. They are also available in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. In general, you need to look for one that is heat-adaptable and durable enough to withstand repeated use. You can find out the perfect pizza stone from various sites like

Which is better: shiny or unglazed stone for pizza?

Most of us who like to eat pizza prefer a crunchier crust. That said, if you want crispy skin, you should go for unglazed brick. Why? Because they absorb moisture more efficiently while generating even heat. The more moisture the stone absorbs, the crunchier the pizza will be. The main disadvantage of using unglazed stone is that it is more difficult to clean than glazed stone. However, if you prefer pizza with a more moist crust and less crunch, you should go for a glass-coated stone. 

Choose the right stone

First of all, you need to make sure that the stone you are going to buy will fit your furnace. As previously mentioned, pizza cubes come in all shapes and sizes. Hence, it shouldn't be too difficult to find the right size. When you buy stones online, make sure you measure them correctly. You also need to pay attention to the thickness of the stone. 

Again, it's a matter of preference. It takes longer to make a pizza on thick stones, but the pizza will be better because the heat distribution is more efficient. This is even called grilling. And of course, a thicker rock won't break easily.