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How to Choose an Online Payment Solution

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Payment providers are selected based on many different criteria. Some of these include the availability of the service in the country where your bank account is located, transaction fees, monthly fees, integration fees, and whether the service resolves sales tax issues or allows integration with some other well-known payment solutions. You can also get the best payment gateway service via

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Stripe is our pick of choice because it has great API capabilities. This article uses Stripe as the payment processor of choice. Deals can fail not only for technical reasons, sometimes also because of insufficient funds. You should try to reprocess the transaction between an hour and a few days later.

Some card details will expire or the details will no longer be valid for various reasons. If you do not have a valid CC record, customer billing cannot be performed. A simple map system provides a service that allows you to check for pending updates for customer information that you have on file.

The best example is China, where Alipay is the main payment source. It should be noted that not all customers are happy to share their card details, so using a well-known payment method will help increase the completion rate of potential transactions.