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Why is mental health training so important?

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

Employees learn about common mental conditions through mental health training. It reduces the stigma around mental health issues. It also teaches people how to recognize warning signs for complex mental issues like cyberbullying, trauma, and depression/anxiety.

All employees can benefit from this type of instruction. However, most mental health training is given to those in care roles or who interact with the public. These could include teachers, healthcare providers, first responders, librarians, social workers. You can also get more information about mental health training via

mental health training

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Corporate mental health training considers managers and administrators to be important stewards of your employees' mental health. Many companies train their managers in how to recognize signs of stress and other problems that could lead to mental health issues among their employees.

Why is mental health training so important?

One person may appear happy and healthy while hiding immense suffering. While a broken leg with a cast is an obvious sign of physical distress, an employee suffering from mental illness may appear to be in good health.

Employees can recognize signs of mental distress and help others. They are able to not only manage larger crises but also intervene before it becomes an emergency.

Take a look at the following statistics about mental health.

  • In Kent, 46% of adults will suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime. It could range from anxiety and depression to a reaction to trauma.
  • Each year, nearly 44 million people in Kent experience a mental illness.
  • Only 41% of all people with a mental disorder receive any type of assistance.

CPR Training Online – Get the Most Out of It

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Online CPR Training is one of those skills you learn in the hope that you will never need it. You may be the victim of an emergency situation in which someone close to you needs immediate assistance. You will remember the situation for the rest of your life. Online CPR training can help you to have the skills you need in case you are faced with this kind of situation.

CPR training is good for everyone, including adults. But it's also great for children to learn lifesaving techniques and education that can help someone in an emergency situation. You have many options to register for Online CPR Drill

online cpr training

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If you have a little time to spare, there are some benefits to learning online CPR. You can all enjoy an interactive learning experience that is self-paced. You will gain confidence in your ability to save lives and will feel confident that you can help others when they need it. Courses last about 5 hours. After passing the online exam, you and your family can become CPR certified.

Participating in online CPR training will teach you the basics of CPR, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and pumping air into your airway system. You will also learn how to chest compressions and other techniques that can help maintain life until emergency personnel arrives. Online courses include interactive models and exercises to make the experience more real. This makes it easy for children to learn the techniques.

Your certification may be recognized for up to two years depending on the online training you choose. You will then be eligible for CPR certification renewal. You can renew your certificate easily with additional online training that will keep you current on the latest techniques and refresh your skills.