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Asbestos: Inspection, Testing, and Removal

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

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House and building owners must treat any potential asbestos material or product as dangerous and must make sure to get it removed. Through the years, roof tiles break and crumble, walls begin to crack and any building built before the year 2000 is likely to have asbestos within different areas. Asbestos can be hard to identify and just to be on the safer side testing your house once in a while for these crumbling materials is advised. 

If you notice crumbling tiles or cracked walls and are unsure of whether it could contain Asbestos, it is best you leave the material and not touch it and contact a licensed professional.

The licensed professionals will get the material tested by taking a few samples while being fully protected by wearing their protective gear. The sample will then go into the lab for testing and if the results come positive and general recommendation will be to remove the material and your home would have to go through an abatement procedure. 

The removal process will be done by a specially designed vacuum and a wet mopping technique to completely eliminate any particles from escaping into the atmosphere and becoming airborne. All the workers would be in full face mask respirators and a specialized PPE kit and after used destroyed to avoid cross-contamination adhering to the rules once again emphasising how much of a serious matter this is. 

All the best safety procedures are followed by experts providing services for asbestos removal newcastle nsw. You should hire them.