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Workflow Of Monoclonal Antibody Preparation Technology

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021


Antigen preparation – Either purified or supplied antigen in silico sequences (to produce soluble proteins and peptides)

Immunizations can be tailored through a comprehensive strategy (DNA immunization, whole-cell immunization, etc.).

Diverse hybridoma generation and accepted screening tests for hybridoma screening (ELISA, IHC, Immunoblot, etc.) If you are looking for details or information on monoclonal antibody development visit

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Production of antibodies and standardized vaccinations for cleaning animals prior to large-scale production


  • High specificity, high affinity and high accuracy
  • Selection of various types (mouse hybridoma, mouse hybridoma, hamster hybridoma, guinea pig hybridoma, and inactive mouse gene hybridoma)
  • Enable fine-tuning detection (post-translational changes).
  • Generate a large panel of bioactive antibodies
  • A complete functional test is available
  • New epitope recognition
  • Excellent IHC results with formaldehyde crippled tissue
  • Excellent results for difficult antigens
  • A high-performance filtering platform is available

Technology for displaying the page

Phage antibody library technology and ribosome display technology are the main approaches for antibody library screening technology. Phage antibody library technology is the most mature and widely used antibody library technology to date, based on the ability of the phage envelope to express antibody protein fragments. 

The basic principle of this technology is to clone a complete set of genes in the variable region of human antibodies using genetic engineering technology, then insert the cloned gene into the gene encoding the bacterial capsid protein, and create an antibody library – Bacteriophage so that foreign molecules can appear on the surface of the bacteriophage.