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A Brief Introduction To Metal Recycling In Sydney

Friday, June 10th, 2022

Metal recycling is very similar to the usual recycling process. First, the metals are sorted based on their properties. However, it is important to have some knowledge or basic understanding of metals. This will allow you to recycle them and keep the environment green.

These are the steps to follow for scrap metal recycling in Sydney:

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1. Collection

This is the most crucial step in metal recycling. This simply involves gathering all metal-containing materials. The process should be organized so that containers are specifically made to collect metals.

2. Sorting

After the metals are collected, it is time to sort them. This involves sorting out what is recyclable from what is not. It is important to note that metal recycled must be of high quality.

3. Processing

The next step after sorting is to compress or squeeze the metal. Recycled materials are compressed using machines to ensure they don't take up too much space on conveyor belts.

4. Shredding

The shredding process begins after the metal has been crushed and broken down. To allow for further processing, the metals are reduced into small pieces or sheets. Smaller pieces can be melted with less energy than large pieces. Steel is usually transformed into steel blocks, while aluminum is made into sheets.