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Food Safety Regulations In Massachusetts

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Consumers in the United States enjoy the safest and healthiest food in the world. This success is based on our system of food safety laws and controls.

In recent years, major federal regulatory programs have been effectively implemented to improve all segments of our comprehensive food safety system, including the food production and distribution chain, animal and plant breeding, processing, transportation, and preparation. Recently, there has been an increasing interest in nutrition policy. You can also get the most trusted Massachusetts food safety certification online.

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It is recognized that healthy and nutritious products are essential for preventing cancer and other diseases, reducing obesity and diabetes, and maintaining overall health. The US food safety system requires constant review and updating.

The current global economy and the threat of terrorism require a new perspective on how to maintain food security in the United States. Food supply can be vulnerable to deliberate acts of terrorism. 

The United States is well-positioned to counter this threat by increasing collaboration between federal, state, and local food authorities. The answer is an efficient and effective, integrated, unhindered food safety system.

Such a system uses existing resources at all levels of government, clearly defines roles and responsibilities, allows maximum information flow between government agencies, recognizes and accredits expertise of all parties, and leads to a higher level of unity and protection in security programs.