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How To Get Instant Lower Back Pain Relief?

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

If you suffer from the pain in the lower trunk, getting lower back pain relief will be one thing that you want. There are long-term remedies available to eliminate this killing pain. But when it strikes you, your first priority is to find instant respite from the pain. Thereafter, if the problem recurs, you would have to consult a physician. You can get to know more about chiropractic clinic in Singapore via

So what should you do in order to find an immediate respite? Below are some suggestions.

1. Take rest

If the pain is a result of muscle strain caused by incorrect posture or lifting heavy items, lying down for a while could address the issue.

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2. Medication

If the pain is intense, the fastest way to reduce back pain relief would be to take medication like ibuprophen, paracetamol or aspirin. However, you shouldn't take these medications frequently, as you run the risk of being addicted to them. Instead, seek help from a physician if severe pain happens often.

3. Hot compress

The hot compress functions on the assumption that applying heat to the affected area helps to relax the muscles and decrease the pain. Thus by putting a hot water bottle or heating pads into the lower back, you can get relief.

4. Cold compress

From the cold compress technique, ice packs are placed on the lower back for a little time period in order to cool the area and tighten the muscles. Thereafter, once the ice pack is removed the muscles will relax automatically and deliver relief.

5. Massage

Getting a massage is just another soothing method of getting lower back pain relief. A person does not want professional masseurs to perform the massage. A friend or relative can massage your back for you at home.

6. Exercise

In case you've got a moderate or bearable backache that's due to muscle strain, exercising could assist you.