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Ways To Overcome Female Hair Loss Without Surgery In Toronto

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Real hair extensions are the first option for many women suffering from hair loss. They can be either clip-in, bonded, or both. You can either use heated glue to attach the extensions to your existing hair or weave them into your hair. 

You need to find an ethical supplier that can trace the origin of your hair. Look out for quality standards markings and label information. Clip-in hair extensions come in four-strip sets, or 'wefts. You can easily cover up bald spots with the right hair extensions.

They come in a variety of sizes and should be applied to start at the neck up, all the way to the top of your ear. Clip-in extensions have the advantage of putting less stress on your hair and can be applied in minutes at home or on the move. 

As you would expect from real hair bonded extensions shampoo and conditioner are necessary. It is also important to ensure that no stress is placed near the bonded area. Extensions are used to add volume and length to hair evenly distributed over the scalp. They are also commonly used for fashion enhancement.

Many women experience hair loss in one area, but don't need a full-coverage wig. A top piece, or topper, can be a great way to stop hair loss. This partial piece fits on top of your hair and blends with your natural hair. 

Toppers can be used to increase volume and conceal thinned patches. There are also enhancement options that can be used to cover complete bald spots.