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Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening A Farmers Boon

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

If I say hydroponics, what is the association you will normally think about at the first shot? Naturally, you will think of water. Isn't it?

Yes, this is a branch of growing plants, veggies, and trees organically using hydroponic nutrients. Hydroponic vegetable gardening is like a boon to any plant. To know about Hydroponic Nutrients visit

Plants not only grow faster and bulkier but they retain all the necessary nutrients and provide immense health benefits. Moreover, they also taste crunchy and juicy.

It's like waving a magic wand over the crops and voila they bloom so wonderfully that you eat them at the first look. There are different methods of growing veggies hydroponically.

Some few are Aeroponics, Ebb & free flow, Continuous flow & Bubbleponics. All methods differ in their composition and medium but they all work on Hydro principle that is they are water dependant.

The advantage of hydroponic farming is that it uses less water as compared to traditional farming methods thus saving substantially for the farmer. Hydroponic farming is done in a controlled environment thus giving a disease-free environment for the crops to bloom & grow. The plant life cycle is at its optimum level in the Hydroponic farming method.

Once parameters such as temperature, nutrients, air, water are set in Hydroponic structure, it's a cakewalk with what happens next. The crop just blooms!

Nowadays Coco coir is deemed to be an excellent medium in hydroponic culture since it has perfect PH value and excellent airflow through the fibers. There are different hydroponic mediums that can also prove effective when used at an optimal level. For eg: Solid medium like peat, gravel, coco coir, etc are effective for good air circulation.