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All About Hydraulic Pump Motors

Monday, October 11th, 2021

Hydraulic drive systems can be used to power machinery by using a fluid that delivers usable power. Once the hydraulic fluid has been pressurized, it can be run to a device that converts that energy into usable power to do work. 

There are two types of hydraulic pump motors: rotary and linear. Linear cylinders can drive a mechanical power stroke while rotary models can run cyclical machinery. You can also look for the best hydraulic motors via the web.

What is a hydraulic motor?

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Design and process engineers are responsible for maximizing the use of the energy in the fluid. We can identify the best design styles by examining each model.

Rotary Hydraulic Motors

These motors can be used to produce torque and rotation. This motor is similar to the pumps used upstream in a drive but in reverse. The pressure of the motor is cyclical, whereas the original pump used a cyclical method to create pressure.

Any machine that uses gear action to operate a process can be run by a gear motor. The high-pressure fluid flows over the gear and turns it into a drain outlet.

Linear Hydraulic Motors

A hydraulic cylinder can be used to deliver mechanical force in a linear stroke. To provide controlled power strokes, the working fluid acts on a piston.

This setup is based on science. It allows for a pressurized fluid, which acts on large areas, to amplify the force generated by the hydraulic pump. The barrel of a cylinder is divided into the piston and head.