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Training and the Multi-Generational Workplace

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

You will hear a lot of voices about the coming millennial generation when they enter the workplace. You'll also hear about the mass exodus of retired baby boomers. 

The truth is that while the oldest boomers are hanging up their boots and retiring, many are choosing to keep working. To grow the success rate of your business you can opt for multi-generational training.

The youngest boomers shouldn't be out for another 20 years. Research also shows that there are still some traditionalists at work and many baby boomers who qualify for retirement are not leaving. 

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To avoid boredom, apart from economic reasons, they chose to continue working with GenXers and Millennials. You can get a lot of information about the management of multi-generational Workplaces via  Simply HR Inc.

The reality here is that as long as we focus on the millennium when we reach adulthood and join the world of work, we must remember that there are already three generations living side by side in the workplace. 

And with the addition of the millennial generation, we will see some changes in workplace dynamics that cannot be ignored and must be addressed if we are to remain competitive.

Does the fact that four generations are mixed in the current workplace impact training? What do managers and training professionals need to know about generational differences? Do these differences really affect employee relationships and productivity? Each group has different values and different events that influence their behavior and what they believe. 

To truly understand the impact of training, managers and trainers must first have a clear understanding of each generation and their defining characteristics in the workplace.

This group is characterized by hard work, respect for authority, and seriousness of their work. They may find it difficult to find work fun. They see work as a necessary means of providing for their families.