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Hikaru Utada’s Latest Music Album

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

HikaruUtada’s newest album BAD MODE was released at the top spot on the digital charts in Japan and is also highly placed in various charts across the 21 nations and territories across the world. The album will be released on CD, including the single-run Limited Edition.

As we await the release date of the CD, Hikaru has shared the music video for one of the bonus tracks on The album “Face My Fears (A. G. Cook Remix). As usual the Hikaru Utada Overseas response(also known as 宇多田ヒカル海外対応 in the Japanese language) is amazing.

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The music video was released to mark the launch of the KINGDOM HEARTS series ‘ cloud versions for Nintendo Switch. It was developed by the video-production team of REAL ROCK DESIGN.

The video contains iconic scenes from the series that have been edited in a new way to match the music. An international audience has been expressing their delight after the video’s release was announced. This is proof yet again that the popularity worldwide of the Kingdom Hearts series and its theme song.

HikaruUtada is constantly interviewing various media, not only on the streets of Japan but also internationally, including Billboard as well as MTV NEWS for her new album, BAD MODE.