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Benefits Of Special Needs Trust In Arizona

Friday, April 15th, 2022

If your loved one is disabled, you know how important it is to have government assistance programs. Arizona's eligibility requirements for these programs are that the dependent has very limited financial resources. Giving an inheritance to your dependent could make them eligible for government assistance.

How can you provide care for loved ones without requiring government assistance? You can search for a good special needs trust in Arizona to protect your loved ones.

special needs trust arizona

This unique Arizona legal document allows you to take care of your dependent's supplemental needs without him or her being excluded from programs such as Social Security and Medicaid.

All funds you intended to support disabled dependents upon your death will go into a special trust. This trust is only for their benefit. Because the funds are not held in your name, they are managed by a third-party trustee, your dependent can still get government assistance.

Although there are limits on how many trust funds can be used at once, most trusts will cover additional expenses such as entertainment, travel, education, cable TV, and entertainment. Your dependent can receive home health care, clothing, and care services, as well as medical expenses. 

You must ensure that your dependent is not able to access any assets that are subject to a title, deed, or title. This will enable you to ensure that your dependents with disabilities live a fulfilling, happy life.