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Know All About Wood Cutting Boards

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

If you like cooking homemade food for the family then you must chop up vegetables at least once in a while. Woodcutting boards provide the ideal surface to get everything ready to be put into the pan or the pot. A cutting board made from wood is a wise purchase because it'll last for a long time. 

Furthermore, bacteria won't be able to grow easily on the wood surface since they are more impervious. The wooden tools can also offer attractive aesthetics in the kitchen. Cleaning these kinds of boards is crucial when you plan to keep them around for a duration. You can buy the best wood cutting boards via the internet.

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The cutting board you own must be cleaned at the end of every use. To avoid cross-contamination, it's best to buy two boards, one for meats and another for vegetables and fruits. Do not soak the cutting boards with water. Also, don't clean the cutting board with dishwashers, since it could make the wooden surface start to warp. 

Cutting boards made of wood must be coated with oil prior to the first time they are used as well regularly. The application of oil on the cutting board every two months is a great idea. Make use of mineral oil instead of cooking oils. Warm the oil until it is warm before applying it. This will allow it to get into the wood's surface. 

Rub the oil on the wood along the grain. Let each layer soak for some time before applying additional. Apply between 4 and 6 layers, and then allow the board to dry for between 30 and 45 minutes. Clean it thoroughly following applying oil.