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Know How To Keep Your Printed T-shirt Vibrant For Longer Span

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

It's almost hard to find people who don't like wearing t-shirts. Some are crazy about printing. If you dig deep into his closet, don't be surprised if you find piles of printed t-shirts. The T-shirts are light, stylish and available in a variety of styles and designs. You can buy the best quality champion t-shirt via

T-shirts lose their luster and look damaged in just a few months. But now you don't have to worry and here are t-shirt saving tips. 


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Fold the inside out

If you are used to cleaning clothes in a washing machine, then make sure to fold the inside of the printed item before putting it in the machine. This will keep the print from fading. You can practice the same for your jeans.

Clean such clothes together

Yes, it's natural to wash clothes of the same color together. But if you want to save your clothes, you also have to put the same fabric together. Otherwise, clothes with zippers, buttons, or other accessories can damage your soft t-shirt.

Use cold water to wash

Warm water is good for very soiled clothes. But if you use it on any type of clothing, the heat of the water will capture the softness and shine of the item. So keep the water cold. Keeps the color bright and prevents the material from hardening.