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Buy Camp Oven With Grill By Camp Chef

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

If someone thinks about cooking food at a campsite, they might immediately think of hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken. They also think of grilled ribs, steaks, and grilled burgers. These foods are great and easy to prepare in an outdoor setting.

But what if you can add baked casseroles, pies, cakes, rolls, muffins, and even a turkey roast, ham, or other meats? These items don't sound right at home on an outdoor camping table. This kind of food can't be prepared on a camping trip using a camp stove or grill.

The new Camp Chef portable oven and grill opens up a new world of outdoor cooking options. The Camp Chef oven makes it possible to bake cakes, cookies, casseroles, rolls, and muffins on your camping trip. If you want to buy Camp Chef oven with a grill, then you can check out

Camp Chef

Camp Chef ovens are lightweight at only 35 lbs. It measures 21" Wx13" Dx18" H and can be easily incorporated with other camping gear. However, the oven has 10" Dx16" Wx10" H and a top oven temperature of 400 degrees. This makes it easy to cook your favorite casseroles or roasts.

The Camp Chef oven with grill can be doubled as a camp stove if there isn't enough space. It has two burners on the top and a nonstick grill that is included above one of them. The oven's top features include sides and a lid that keeps the wind out. It can also fold up for compact storage.

Other great features include a durable powder coat finish, glass door, matchless ignition, and oven thermometer, as well as a portable oven that can be used on camping trips. 

One person, group, or family can now do camping in remote areas and still enjoy the healthy, delicious foods that a skilled chef can create.