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Controversies On Bible History Timeline

Saturday, July 24th, 2021

The Biblical historical timeline has long been a subject of controversy, but it is not really out of consideration as they point to incidents similar to those mentioned by historians. Large numbers of Bible students and archaeologists debate the very existence of the great Exodus. Finding the exact timeline regarding and the location of the timeline depends a lot on the date the Exodus took place. There are different opinions among scholars about the event.

Consequently, if one reads introductions to the Elders or Surveys on the Testament of the Elders, the dates found for Patriarchs have a wide range. There are estimates on the date even to 1400 BC. The presentation of events may be different in the Bible compared to scientific descriptions, but they point to more or less similar events. This can be easily understood with the help of Bible graphs and maps.

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Biblical history is very close to the events described archaeologically and scientifically. First, there are those who claim that the names and customs of the Patriarchs reflect those confirmed by archaeological studies in areas of the Ancient Near East. In response, the minimalist authors say that the events could well have been written by someone at a much later date due to the length of the events in the Ancient Near East. 

There are a host of other topics like this, but in all cases there is an earlier or later timeline problem. That is why the Biblical timeline chart has a circular chart designed on world history that is comparatively easy to understand. The biblical table books explain events in a compact way that resembles a clock. Various authors compare the bible history timeline with archaeological findings and they have seen the similarities between both as they are only presented differently.