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Betting Against The Spread: Tips For NFL Betting

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

When betting on the NFL, many people choose a specific team to back to increase their chances of winning. However, not everyone knows how to handicap the game properly, so in this article, you get to know about some effective tips for NFL betting.

If you’re like most NFL bettors, you’re probably looking for ways to beat the spread. And if you’re betting on the NFL, there are a few key things you need to know about this popular wager.

First of all, when you make a bet against the spread, you’re essentially betting that the opposing team will lose by more than the point spread. This is where some expert handicapping comes in handy – by understanding which teams are likely to lose and by how much, you can make smart bets against the spread.

But even if you don’t have insider information, there are still a few tips you can use to improve your chances of winning when betting against the spread. 

First of all, always look for undervalued teams – teams that are usually considered low-scoring or defensively challenged can often be profitable bets against the spread if they play a weak opponent. 

Secondly, always try to find games where one team is overrated – a team like the New England Patriots, who are almost always heavily favored in games, can often be beaten by relatively inferior opponents. 

Lastly, stay disciplined – making big bets on one or two teams tends to work better than betting on a wide range of teams because if one or two have bad games you will lose anyway.